Daily Briefs

UPDATE: Bomb squad at C.L. Smith Elementary School

School officials are asking parents to keep their children away from C.L. Smith Elementary School while the San Luis Obispo Police bomb squad examines a “suspicious item” found on the school grounds Monday morning. UPDATE: Police investigators have determined the... (Continue reading)

Winholtz files police complaint after losing council vote

Morro Bay City Councilmember and mayoral candidate Betty Winholtz took the unusual step Friday of filing a formal complaint with the city police chief against three fellow councilmembers following a controversial council vote. Observers say the incident stems from last... (Continue reading)

Tony Cipolla to KCOY? See for yourself

Former KSBY news anchor Tony Cipolla appears to be heading to Santa Maria for a new TV gig with arch rival KCOY Channel 12. At least, that’s the clear impression from this television spot that has been airing on KCOY. Cipolla... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly Pomona suspends fraternity

Cal Poly Pomona has suspended the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity over allegations of hazing. [Chronicle] Administration officials say that fraternity members were blindfolded and branded last December. The exact number of students involved is not known, though one student reported... (Continue reading)

Brush fire in Santa Margarita

Firefighters are battling a 50 acre brush fire in a rural area of Santa Margarita near the top of California State Route 229 within less then a mile from homes. The fire was started by fire crews burning brush. The... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly plane crash: 50 years later

Cal Poly is planning a special memorial ceremony during Saturday’s football game against  St. Francis University to mark the 50th anniversary of the plane crash that killed 16 players, the team manager, and an alumni booster. [LA Times] Survivors of... (Continue reading)

Police run bear out of town

San Luis Obispo police officers were able to chase a 200 to 250 pound black bear from the populated area of Marsh and Santa Rosa Streets to a more rural area closer to open space late Wednesday night. Residents first... (Continue reading)

Armed robber hits Fremont Theatre

San Luis Obispo Police officers are searching for a man who robbed an employee of the Fremont Theatre at gunpoint on Wednesday night. Police said the man entered an unlocked office, brandished a black gun and demanded money. The robber... (Continue reading)

DMV employee tells transgender woman: You’re going to hell

A California Department of Motor Vehicles employee is accused of sending a letter to the home of a Bay Area transgender woman calling her “an abomination” and telling her that she is going to hell. A press release from the... (Continue reading)

Will marijuana legalization eradicate the black market?

Supporters of Proposition 19 liken their cause to the lifting of prohibition on alcohol nearly 80 years ago. Making pot legal and regulating it like alcohol, they say, could raise millions in tax revenues and wipe out the black market,... (Continue reading)