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De Vaul vs. Gibson on KGO radio

Controversial San Luis Obispo rancher Dan De Vaul and Bruce Gibson, chair of the SLO County Board of Supervisors, made separate call-in appearances Monday night on the Gene Burns radio show. Burns, who hosts a weeknight talk show on KGO... (Continue reading)

Ask Edge: Define harassment

Recent reports of the firing of county administrative chief David Edge include admissions by Edge to The Tribune that he supported his second in command by providing her a book called “Getting Naked.” Gail Wilcox responded by leveling a "hostile... (Continue reading)

David Edge fired by supervisors

By DANIEL BLACKBURN San Luis Obispo County's top administrator, David Edge, was fired Tuesday afternoon by the Board of Supervisors following a week of speculation about his fate. Edge spoke to the board for 10 minutes before the vote, calling their... (Continue reading)

Edge’s job on the line

By KAREN VELIE The County Board of Supervisors will evaluate whether to terminate County Administrative Officer David Edge at their next meeting on May 19. Both Edge and Assistant County Administrative Officer Gail Wilcox are on paid administrative leave. A source told... (Continue reading)

Who’s running SLO County?

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County’s top two administrators are currently missing in action, and county employees have been ordered not to discuss their absences. Monday, a source told CalCoastNews that County Administrator David Edge had stepped down following allegations of... (Continue reading)

Bank board links Santa Margarita Ranch developer, supervisor

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Katcho Achadjian occupies a salaried seat on a local bank’s board of directors along with a key developer in the proposed Santa Margarita Ranch project. Achadjian’s vote on plans for the Santa Margarita Ranch... (Continue reading)

Lenthall really hates this commercial

County Supervisor Jerry Lenthall is threatening KSBY with legal action if the station doesn’t cease airing an opponent’s campaign commercial.... (Continue reading)

COMMENTARY: Justice, SLO County style

By KAREN VELIE You know how the SLO County criminal court system is in turmoil right now? That’s because the county Probation Department and administrative offices came up with the brilliant idea of letting everyone use the public defender’s office, with... (Continue reading)

SLO County pension plan bleeding; is it unbowed?

SECOND IN A SERIES By DANIEL BLACKBURN County supervisors soon will learn that its hemorrhaging employee pension plan may find partial redemption by buying into in a struggling investment marketplace. But the plan’s top executive said Tuesday he worries that a declining economy... (Continue reading)