Hill’s reelection, what were the voters thinking?

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE Next Tuesday, Nov. 7, marks the one-year anniversary of a decision some San Luis Obispo County voters have come to lament. No, it wasn’t the election of President Donald Trump, although many seem to regret... (Continue reading)

SLO City’s assault on our neighborhoods

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE Could it be that the city of San Luis Obispo– once considered the “happiest place in America”– is now declaring war on its neighborhoods? Despite the seemingly good intentions of our council members, it would... (Continue reading)

Pretend-lefties Adam Hill and Tom Fulks attack critics

OPINION by ALLAN COOPER When a prominent public official and a newspaper columnist, posing as Democrats, turn out to be shills of the development community, then it is the public’s First Amendment right and duty to call them out. Case... (Continue reading)

State housing bill are costly hogwash

OPINION by MIKE F. BROWN After four decades of calculated indifference, Governor Jerry Brown and the Democratic State Legislators admitted earlier this year that there is a statewide housing crisis. The underlying cause of this sudden epiphany is not clear.... (Continue reading)

Oversight needed, no to sanitation district board censure

Prior to the South San Luis Obispo Sanitation District Board voting on Oct. 4 to censure Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill, attorney Stew Jenkins sent a letter rebutting an investigator’s report supporting for censure. At the Board hearing, Jenkins presented... (Continue reading)

Is Adam Hill using the homeless as a political tool?

During last week’s San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors meeting, 3rd District Supervisor Adam Hill took another swipe at 4th District Supervisor Lynn Compton over her steady support for the construction of a new county animal shelter. During the... (Continue reading)

Fake news of CalCoastNews ownership change continues

OPINION by JOSH FRIEDMAN For more than four years, persons opposed to the investigative reporting that CalCoastNews does have threatened, harassed and demeaned CCN reporters, affiliates, advertisers, and commenters. Most recently, assertions that affiliates of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor... (Continue reading)

SLO City Council should listen to the people

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT Near the end of a nearly three-hour San Luis Obispo City Council session on ramming a bike freeway through a neighborhood between Foothill Boulevard and Highway 101, a large audience consisting of people who seldom go... (Continue reading)

Progressive political and cultural elites are pissing on you

By MIKE BROWN The recent furor over the destruction of  Confederate war memorials is a reminder that public art has serious meaning and can profoundly affect the feelings of people, both when it is originally  commissioned and later upon our... (Continue reading)

SLO City Council appeases the bike zealots

T. Keith Gurnee

On Aug. 15, our San Luis Obispo City Council unanimously voted to ram a “cycle track”– essentially a bicycle highway—right down the throat of the Broad Street, Mission Street, and Chorro Street neighborhoods–despite the overwhelming neighborhood opposition that spoke against... (Continue reading)