It’s time to defund the SLO Chamber of Commerce

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE Thanks to Jeff Buckingham’s recent opinion piece in CCN calling for approval of Measure G-20 to increase our sales taxes, there’s something else to think about: the inordinate influence that the San Luis Obispo Chamber... (Continue reading)

Political correctness during racial unrest

OPINION By MICHAEL RIVERA I’m Michael Rivera. I’m an American citizen. When it comes to how much to value my political opinion, that’s all you need to know about me. If you want to call me Latino or Hispanic, go... (Continue reading)

SLO Democrat voting for Cherisse Sweeney for mayor

OPINION by MELISSA TUNNELL I am a San Luis Obispo resident and registered Democrat proudly supporting Cherisse Sweeney for mayor. I have read some of the lies being told about this candidate and cannot remain silent. I have met Mayoral... (Continue reading)

What the San Luis Obispo mayoral race says about us

OPINION by BLAKE BELTRAM Imagine you’re in a ship, and it’s beginning to sink. Never mind. You don’t have to imagine anything. Just look around. Tune into the news, scroll through Facebook, or perhaps reflect on the personal friendships and... (Continue reading)

SLO Mayor Harmon’s rhetoric is dangerous and divisive

OPINION by DISTRICT ATTORNEY DAN DOW It has come to my attention that a local incumbent mayoral candidate pulled a political campaign stunt over the weekend by using my name and office to make preposterous false allegations. The San Luis... (Continue reading)

A sales tax increase will generate enormous benefits to all SLO residents

OPINION by JEFF BUCKINGHAM Anybody who knows me might expect me to agree with Keith Gurnee’s opposition to San Luis Obispo City’s Measure G-20. Indeed, as a registered Libertarian, I generally lean against taxes. But I couldn’t disagree more with... (Continue reading)

How can Atascadero city officials help their residents financially?

OPINION by BRAD GOODROW Atascadero city leaders have identified a budget problem, they can’t operate within theirs. Have they looked at cutting back or placing contracts out to bid to lower costs for their residents? No, they are focused on... (Continue reading)

Save Our Downtown endorses James Papp and Sandra Marshall

OPINION by ALLAN COOPER Save Our Downtown was disappointed with the arguments the SLO Tribune editorial board put forward in their endorsement of Heidi Harmon for San Luis Obispo Mayor and their endorsement of Andy Pease and Jan Marx for... (Continue reading)

manipulation, SLO officials promote sales tax increase

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT Eight reasons to vote for SLO’s Measure G in a Tribune op-ed. Eight reasons in New Times. Eight reasons in the pro-G ballot argument. The crucial words are the same. This was carefully planned. Your tax... (Continue reading)

The deception of San Luis Obispo’s Measure G-20

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE Deception knows no bounds in City Hall. Having already written about the shortcomings of San Luis Obispo’s Measure G-20 that voters are asked to approve within less than three weeks, consider what your city government... (Continue reading)